Desk Exercises
specially designed stretches that you can do at your desk
Desk Exercises
Sat at a desk all day? Do your shoulders, neck or back hurt ? Our bodies are not designed to sit all day and sadly many of us spend more than seven hours a day just doing that! Being sedentary will cause aches, pains and postural problems. To ease the strain try these specially designed stretches that you can do at your desk:

Seated Spinal Rotation

  • While seated, cross your arms over your chest.
  • Grab your shoulders.
  • Rotate your upper body from the waist, turning gently from left to right as far as you can.
  • You should feel a tension on both sides of your lower back as it stretches out.

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

  • Hold one arm across your body.
  • Pull your elbow into your chest.
  • You should feel your shoulder gently stretch.

Shoulder Shrugs

  • Gently lift your shoulders.
  • Let them slowly fall.
  • You should feel tension being releases as your shoulders drop.

Sitting Back Extensions

  • Sit straight with your feet together.
  • Put the palms of your hands into the small of your back.
  • Lean back over your hands, feeling your lower back stretch out.

Neck Rotations

  • Keep your head upright.
  • Gently turn your head from side to side.
  • As you turn your head, try to move it past your shoulder.
  • You should feel the muscles on the outside of your neck gradually stretching.

Upper Shoulder and Neck Stretch

  • Sit on one hand.
  • Tilt your head away from the hand you’re sitting on.
  • Tilt your head slightly forward, towards your shoulder.
  • You should feel the muscles in your neck and should being stretched.
  • Change sides, and repeat.

Should Extension – One

  • Stand up and stretch your arms out behind you.
  • Clasp your hands together and gently lift your arms.
  • You should feel the pressure in your shoulders ease off.

Shoulder Extension – Two

  • Hold both arms above your head.
  • Link your hands with your palms facing forwards.
  • Reach as high as possible.
  • You should feel your shoulders stretching.

Sitting Comfortably?

Carrying out these stretches will work wonders, however it is important that you chair and computer are set up correctly at your desk, ensure:

  • You are seated close to the desk.
  • Adjust the height of the chair so that your feet are fully on the floor.
  • Adjust your computer screen so it is level with your eyes and about arms length away from you.

Seated Position

  • Your hips should be above your knee.
  • Sit right back in your seat, so you whole back is supported.
  • The natural curve of your lower back should sit against the curve of the back rest.
  • The back rest should be slightly reclined 10-15 degrees.
  • Relax your shoulders and keep your elbows at 90 degrees, just above the desk.

Take That Break

  • Every 30 minutes, stand have a stretch a walk around for 30 seconds.
  • Rest your eyes every 20 minutes, by looking into the distance for 20 seconds.
  • Stretch your hands, wrists and fingers as well as roll your shoulders and rotate the neck after intense work at the computer.
  • Don’t eat your lunch at your desk.


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